Immigration and families

Many LEGAL immigrants that have been in the US for a long time are counting on Family Reunification. DACAs are not gonna be a popular bunch if they are deemed responsible for closing off that avenue.

Immigration … today

(1) unfettered/illegal immigration … to a welfare state;
(2) already 350,000,000 people on US soil;
(3) 100,000,000 out of the work force;
(4) 350 languages spoken in the US;
(5) $20 trillion national debt


“Watch This High Schooler Demand Answers From Her Congressman On DACA”  — HuffPost

If you let anyone stay for any reason, then anyone MUST be allowed to stay AND anyone anywhere for any reason MUST be allowed to come in.

Nothing else makes any rational or ethical sense. If the ship sinks as a result and takes everyone down, so be it.

Wedge issues

The Democrats voted overwhelmingly for The Secure Fence Act … when they knew it would not be funded or enforced. The GOP voted for ACA repeal when they knew …

Anyone see a pattern?

Career Politicians won’t easily solve good wedge issues that can be used again and again and again. They all need a villain.

This is nuts

This is getting out of hand, Playing cat ‘n mouse with ICE is expensive for taxpayers (and illegal aliens) and just plain dumb. Terrible public policy and no way to run a railroad.

Honorable, considerate foreigners will NOT break US laws and cost citizens a big chunk of change. The illegal aliens must believe they have not broken a law or laws, that they have not done anything wrong. There is no other explanation. Millions can’t be “bad”, basically disrespectful people. Where is the disconnect?

So, grant a general DACA for 6 to 12 months or so. A reprieve for everyone so that we can figure out “what the hell is going on”. Let the open borders folks make their case. Rationalize and explain, legally and/or morally. Keep a token political few “good ones” and kick the rest out? Will that ever work?

Everyone goes or EVERYONE stays (even with low SAT scores). If everyone stays, then anyone can come in. A little chaotic, everyone takes a haircut, but the US can make it work.