More DACAs

Why negotiate for DACA by agreeing to measures meant to prevent … another DACA?

What is so wrong with the first DACA that many on the Left and Right are hell bent on preventing another?

The Line Jumper problem

Many public policies are poorly crafted, intentionally divisive, and have unintended consequences. Often irrational and unaffordable (often Ponzie like) and redistributionist. If the proponents really cared about health care or education (for examples) they would become a nurse or a teacher. The end-game is political and economic socialism and bigger government.

DACA is particularly troublesome since two major problems are in play. The Free Rider (as usual) but also the Line Jumper problem. How to address both of these to everyone’s satisfaction?


What possible legal, moral, or logical difference does it make if an illegal alien has been here 10 months or 10 years? Usually, a crime is made worse the longer it persists. Everyone goes, or everyone stays. Period.
DACA is just plain cruel and was solely intended to use a few “good ones” as political pawns.


The Democrats should just sponsor the legislation. Amnesty and Open Borders. Present it, debate it, defend it.

Talk about moral equivalency. DACA is truly cruel. Means test human beings? What was the Civil War all about?

Talk about cruel and immoral.  How can anyone defend means testing human beings or arbitrary dates of arrival to the US?  Everyone goes, or everyone stays.  Period.
Who dreamed up DACA?

If everyone stays (Amnesty), then anyone should be allowed to enter (Open Borders).

A perfect storm

The problems:  anchor baby, DACA, “allowing” people to reside on US soil with an illegal residency status.  A perfect storm of terrible public policy.  People as political pawns are harmed.