Health care is a right? So what.

No one, not a private insurance industry or even a federal government, can give someone, promise someone health care.

A government could declare health care a right.  It could even pass a law that says “all patients are created equal”.  So what?

What does Gerry Brown know?

This Spring, California SB (Senate Bill) 562 proposed a single-payer healthcare financing system for California.  Governor Jerry Brown was immediately skeptical, stating, “This is called ignotum per ignotius….In other words, you take a problem and say, ‘I’m going to solve it by something that’s even a bigger problem,’ which makes no sense.”

Money laundering

The main problem now for Trump and his family is that any major (or minor) real estate deal (at any time, even long before Trump was POTUS) involving Russian big wigs and anything Trump might be called “money laundering” by political enemies.

The bigger question is what will the US do about Russians, Chinese, ME that keep buying huge boatloads of US property.  Will US officials care where the money came from and how the buyers got it out of their home countries?

US health care system

Health / insurance to begin with is an oxymoron.  Insurance is for asset protection and hedging.

Now a perturbed market because the government (in their infinite wisdom) granted a  tax break for corps that provide golden handcuff benies.  Part of the “deal” in the private sector employer marketplace is/was guaranteed issue.  The private insurance industry will NOT provide guaranteed issue, no lifetime caps, no risk adjustments (other than age), kids are kids until 26 … and The Fountain of Youth for the individual marketplace.

The only solution now for the ACA features and Essential Benefits is a public option.  Just don’t outlaw or regulate out of existence private options.