Immigration policy, the cross-currents

The legality issue, or lack thereof, is a big deal for many people. The rule of law, law and order. Hurling insults of racism at the “deplorables” and throwing tear gas canisters back at the police doesn’t work in response. ICE laws apply to Canadians also. Is that a racist policy? By the way, as a US citizen, try to simply walk into Canada, or Mexico.

Then, illegal immigration (not just legal) and H1B (for example) perturbs the basic laws of supply and demand, and foments resentment from legal immigrants (nobody likes line jumpers, especially those still waiting patiently). Citizens lose jobs and wages are depressed.

The psychological costs of unemployment are real.  Divorce, drug addiction, suicide. Talk about “ripping families apart”.

Sanctuary city policy has the unintended consequence of actually protecting criminals. The idea that law-abiding, illegal immigrants (yes, convoluted logic) will be reluctant to cooperate with local authorities if they then might be reported to ICE.

Then, there is argument about net/net costs of immigration to the US, now a welfare society at this point in time. Also, why isn’t the next Steve Jobs already in the US?

Are there in fact jobs that Americans simply won’t do on any terms and conditions? Americans won’t do ag, or skilled construction, or computer programming, or tech support?

Wait, there’s more … As we have all discussed at length, the illegal immigrants and H1B workers are often exploited (sometimes ruthlessly) by employers because of the very nature of their worker status. Often referred to now as “modern day slavery”.

Remittance is now a pillar of some economies, but they become dependent as a result and never fully develop internally. A negative feedback look ensues, a vicious circle, driving more and more to emigrate.

Immigration Policy: This not just some sort of Sophie’s Choice, this is ANOTHER in a long line of issues where the people throw up their hands in disgust, view the whole thing as one big mess, and trust in government is further eroded. Like Obama says, C’mon man!

Will Obama pardon Clinton

“We have a long tradition in this country of people in power not using the criminal justice system to enact political revenge. In fact we go a long way to insulate the criminal justice system from partisan politics.” Earnest said.

Or re-arrange the sentence.

2016 Election — The Media

If Hillary wins, Is The Media solely responsible?

#1, Blacks. The Media was responsible since they kept insisting Republicans “use” the police to shoot innocent young black males, and/or put them in jail unfairly.

#2, Latinos. The Media was responsible since they kept insisting ALL Latinos were/are “immigrants” (even those born in the US) and the only immigrant group in the US, and that undocumented was not illegal. The Media insisted that Trump and by association, any Republican, called Latinos (not just Mexicans) rapists and drug smugglers. Then lastly, The Media insisted the Republicans wanted to use ICE to “rip apart” Latino families. Not Canadian families with illegal family members, but only Latino families.

The ultimate con

Are the Clintons just flat out brilliant? Did they pull the ultimate con? Wikileaks and the bright lights of the 2016 election appear to show the Clintons made puppets of the puppet masters!

Soros, Steyer, Middle East governments are understandable, but how did they get to Cuban, Buffett, Whitman …? Brilliant, just brilliant.