Ruling Class logic

Here they go again …

“Those with the strongest claim to significant tuition assistance are students who have persevered to complete a degree that will pave the way for employment, more advanced training or both. Indifferent students should not be rewarded for filling their classroom seats anymore than children should be encouraged to fill their plates with food they do not care to eat.”

And, as usual, asked but never answered …

“The question is always who pays how much, and what they should reasonably expect for their money.”

US health care

“Government benefit programs made total improper payments of $137 billion in 2015 compared with $38 million in 2005, according to a recent Deloitte report.”

Health care costs

Some of the philosophy underlying ObamaCare, that health care is a right, combined with technological advances could bankrupt the US health care system.

As the average life span increases AND the population as a whole ages, every incremental day that tech adds to the average life span will grow exponentially more expensive.  Every quality-of-life improvement will grow more and more expensive for an aging population. Every person now will feel entitled to that ever more expensive additional day and improved quality-of-life.

How many therapies, drugs, protocols, devices, procedures now cost 6 to 7 figures?  And how many more are in R&D and coming to market?

Think about it.  What would you pay to relieve the pain?

Health care

Rationing?  Call it what you want.

Insurance exchange to bar hospitals with high C-section rates.
Beginning in 2019, Covered California will exclude hospitals in the Golden State that have a Caesarean rate higher than 23.9 percent. The decision is intended to reduce the number of medically unnecessary Caesarean births, not just because of cost but because of the risks for mother and baby. (Modern Healthcare)

ACA is not insurance

ACA is NOT insurance.  ACA is more like a co-op, a communist-like shared cost pool. All people (all risks) are “forced” to jump in the pool evenn if they can’t swim and pay what they can and take out what they need.

Constant tweaking and extreme command and control must be applied for the plan to break even financially.

Since some issues cannot be controlled, an aging demographic for example, increasingly expensive R&D, rationing and behavioral controls (wear your seatbelts) MUST be applied from time-to-time.