Race wars

“Trump White House Goes After White People On Welfare” — Newsweek

Why name the color? Does the WH public policy specifically say, “White”? Why does the alt-L MSM keep fomenting race wars?


Politicians continually fanning the flames need to turn down the volume. They must stop condemning and insulting anyone they disagree with. And, stop making enemies between Identity and Interest Groups.

Politics is the new blood sport

Many people are simply just no longer Americans first. Including nth gen citizens born on US soil.

The country is increasingly balkanzied, ghettoized, self-segregated along class, racial, ethnic, cultural, religious lines.


The end-game for The Left is Political and Economic Socialism.  The strategy is to cobble together enough Identity Groups to tip elections.  It back fired to an extent in 2016.  The most recent battle is to “scare” Blacks that left when Obama left back to the Dem party. More generally to stigmatize Conservatives in general with the race card.