The Arctic

“In the late 1800s the Arctic was relatively cold, although there is some uncertainty around these early temperature estimates. The Arctic warmed by about 0.7ºC over the 20th century. There was a warm period in the 1920s to 1940s and cold periods in the early 1900s and in the 1960s.”


Work visas

“Facebook intentionally created a hiring system in which it denied qualified U.S. workers a fair opportunity to learn about and apply for jobs that Facebook instead sought to channel to temporary visa holders Facebook wanted to sponsor for green cards,” — DOJ

Tax cuts

According to the nonpartisan Tax Foundation, the TCJA reduced effective tax rates “for all income groups in 2018.” 

A Covid plan

Focus on the vulnerable to Covid. The ICU hospitalization numbers and deaths could be dramatically reduced immediately with that approach alone.
Policy has NEVER been zero cases of anything at any cost.

The Media, Biden, Trump, scientists, experts, politicians … could and should keep repeating this basic strategy.

A tiny fraction of a fraction on US soil and world-wide are vulnerable to a bad outcome from the “global pandemic”.  The facts, the evidence, the science shows the elderly with co-morbidities are overwhelmingly the most at risk for needing the ICU or worse.

A huge number though of young and healthy all over the world have and will be harmed or worse from the broad lock down, shut down approach.

A study of 50,000 college students that tested positive for Covid:  Two hospitalizations.  No deaths. Most didn’t know they even had it, no symptoms, not even sick. But major university systems are closed as a result?

“The death rate [with Covid] in a given country depends a lot on the age structure, who are the people infected, and how they are managed.”
For people younger than 45, the infection fatality rate is almost 0%.”

Ioannidis [Stanford University]

It has always been true that the young and healthy could catch, suffer from, and transmit any pathogen to someone potentially vulnerable. Thankfully for children, school and college age students, serious Covid risk is almost nil.

Reach out with information, guidelines, resources, money.  Laser focus on the vulnerable.

To date, about half of the 200,000+ fatalities attributed to Covid are in nursing homes, senior living, and assisted living.  Most everyone agrees those facilities were badly mismanaged and the death rate should have been much lower.

Outside of senior care, the main problem is congregate, multi-generational living.  Again reach out, publish information, and allocate funds for support if needed for this group.

US inner cities

Maybe no other GOP theme was more important than the misery index in many US inner cities that have been under Democrat rule for decades.

Disproportionately impacting minorities and the poor.

Biden/Harris never said a word.  The front and center topic was never raised in the Democratic primaries or in the debates.

The Media now wants us to believe that comfortable White suburban college educated women were willing to throw away all of the progress the Trump admin made on this paramount issue and others just because they don’t like Trump’s style?

Elections do have consequences for the voter and their fellow citizens.

If Biden wins, he must keep up the pressure on this issue.  There can be nothing worse than to fear for your own safety in your own neighborhood.

Maybe the fear of war is worse.