Finland closes border with Russia

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“Close to 1,000 people from countries that are not Finland or Russia have entered Finland since August, and most of them have sought asylum in Finland, the government said Tuesday.” “Russia has been not only letting through migrants or third…

Media and politics

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“Before election night, he [Brock] had concocted a plan for what he would do if Trump won [2016]. It involved moving overseas, as so many liberals had promised, to start a new life, perhaps in London working for the public…

Abortion, the issues

“fetal viability”— which is generally considered to be between 22 to 24 weeks of gestation” “Human life begins at fertilization.”

Los Angeles 10 Freeway Fire

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“I lost everything,” Serafin said. “We are not educated people. Most of the people are people that crossed the border, work hard, or maybe grew up here. But we are working-class people. We break our back to barely make a…