Always the Unintended Consequences

Maybe I’m saving a few bucks on my home equity line, but I’m giving it back many times over in higher food and gas prices.  The Obama, big govt policies are actually HURTING the little guy.

The govt might not actually default, but will creditors take re-payment in worthless dollars ???

The Big Corps Win Again

On Fox News, Rangle appears to be saying he favors confiscating the huge cash balances and profits if Corp America (and the rich) do not start hiring.

This appears to be another sore spot.  The first was the “dot bomb” bubble, then the housing bubble and related bail out. Now in the face of recovering stock prices and corp profits, many companies are not only NOT hiring, they are actually laying workers off.

Salt in the wounds.

The New Pariahs

The recent heat wave gripping much of the US has more talking about global warming and the affects of human activity.

People with big “carbon” feet will be the new pariahs.  Globe-trotters and jet-setters for example.

How to Fix Employment

One approach to boosting employment is to de-regulate the employer/employee relationship, and/or relax the Independent Contractor rules.

The employer/employee relationship is a ticking time-bomb for the employer. Employers do all they can to avoid establishing the relationship.  Outsourcing, install technology, independent contractors, etc.

Let’s say that Weiner had been an employee at a private company, and he “sexted” another employee.  Can you imagine the potential liability for the employer!