How to Fix Employment

One approach to boosting employment is to de-regulate the employer/employee relationship, and/or relax the Independent Contractor rules.

The employer/employee relationship is a ticking time-bomb for the employer. Employers do all they can to avoid establishing the relationship.  Outsourcing, install technology, independent contractors, etc.

Let’s say that Weiner had been an employee at a private company, and he “sexted” another employee.  Can you imagine the potential liability for the employer!

More Weiner

As we suggested, getting help is a good idea.  But, get help BEFORE you get in trouble.


I thought we just warned you guys!
It’s really none of our business what you do in your private lives, but the collateral damage can be big.

Makers and Takers

– 300,000,000 Americans “depend” on just 1,000,000!
– 1% pay 40%+ of US taxes!
– 50% or so do not pay Fed or State taxes!

I’m surprised the wealthy aren’t rioting in the streets.

Get It Together!

How many more examples do we need?

Schwarzenegger, Osama, Ensign, Strauss-Kahn, …..
And this just in the last few days!

To men in power:  Get a grip.  Learn how to relate to women and have a healthy relationship before you do anymore damage!  To all you guys out there already “in trouble” or about to do something stupid — get help, see a doctor, call an 800 number, talk with a friend.