At least they know they’re oppressed

Let’s see.  A bunch of men with little chance for employment, and therefore, no money which means slim to no change at marriage. No money, no girls (we’re not talking about LA).  No wonder they’re rioting in the streets.

What’s the difference between American men and Egyptian men?
At least the Egyptian men KNOW they’re oppressed!


A nine year old is gone. A 40 year old women is holding on.  And, some on the Left are already trying to capitalize politically!

Are we getting our butts kicked?

Yesterday, a TV guest argued US kids are getting their “butts kicked” by Asian countries in math and science according to recent test scores. 

Not too long ago the suggestion (Race to Nowhere) was our kids are too stressed with too much homework and high level course work introduced at too early an age.

Which is it?  Maybe differential calculus in kindergarten?

Basically bad ???

A recent NPR broadcast featured an Ivy league college professor discussing the role of government.  He thinks people are basically bad and government is therefore needed to rein-in those natural tendencies.  This view is one of the clearest and most basic differences between the Left and Right.  Why is it always a college professor and often an Ivy League college professor? 🙂

By the way, what if he’s right, and man is basically evil?  Hmm, where do go from there?