Mid-term elections

The voting populace who are now largely investorsspeculators gamblers (stocks, bonds, housing, small biz startups, you name it) turned into big Govt, bail-out Democrats in 2008 when they thought they could lose it all.  Like vacationers on a cruise ship rushing to the other side because the loud speaker announced “ice cream on the lido deck”, voters in 2010 have shifted back to the right because they now “fear” they won’t get more than their fair share.  Greed and fear, as usual.

Or as Roubini puts it, big biz privatizes the gains and socializes the losses!

Juan Williams

As usual, analysis by both sides misses the mark.

It does show though the over-regulation of the employer/employee relationship and the “damned if you do / damned if you don’t” conumdrum employers often find themselves in.

If NPR doesn’t do anything, then they are subborning a hostile environment, treading on religious rights, etc.  If they fire the employee, they face freedom of speech issues, breach of contract, etc.

To a large extent, this explains what nobody wants to talk about and why private sector employment will continue to lag.