Makers and Takers

– 300,000,000 Americans “depend” on just 1,000,000!
– 1% pay 40%+ of US taxes!
– 50% or so do not pay Fed or State taxes!

I’m surprised the wealthy aren’t rioting in the streets.

Get It Together!

How many more examples do we need?

Schwarzenegger, Osama, Ensign, Strauss-Kahn, …..
And this just in the last few days!

To men in power:  Get a grip.  Learn how to relate to women and have a healthy relationship before you do anymore damage!  To all you guys out there already “in trouble” or about to do something stupid — get help, see a doctor, call an 800 number, talk with a friend.


Chelsey and ‘what’s his name’, now Will and Kate.

That’s a lot of money and a heck of a display in these tough times!

At least they know they’re oppressed

Let’s see.  A bunch of men with little chance for employment, and therefore, no money which means slim to no change at marriage. No money, no girls (we’re not talking about LA).  No wonder they’re rioting in the streets.

What’s the difference between American men and Egyptian men?
At least the Egyptian men KNOW they’re oppressed!